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bNovate's year-end summary and milestones

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

2022 has been a fast-forward year in which bNovate achieved many milestones. Join us in looking back at the exciting year that is coming to an end.

BactoSense jumping between 2022 and 2023

Green Business Award nomination

The Green Business Award rewards innovative Swiss companies that combine economic success with environmental benefits each year. In April, bNovate was chosen to compete for this prestigious award, thanks to the designation of the Technology Fund.

New product launch: BactoSense Multi

Under the motto “Don’t bring your sample to the lab, bring your lab to the production line”, bNovate launched BactoSense Multi at the end of May. This multi-point flow cytometer allows users to test the water quality on-site at various process points automatically.

BactoSense on the road

As many events from 2021 had been postponed, 2022 was packed with fairs and conferences. In June, bNovate had a booth at no fewer than five trade shows in 5 weeks! We travelled around Europe to present our solution to important water industry fairs during the year.

Launch of BactoSense Users Group on LinkedIn

As the number of BactoSense users constantly grows, bNovate created a LinkedIn user group for the water industry community to discuss BactoSense applications and exchange ideas around water quality monitoring using an industrial flow cytometer.

Drinking water quality monitoring for 35.000 people at Mova 2022

In August, a temporary water network was built at the biggest scout camp ever held in Switzerland. A BactoSense was installed in the field to ensure that all 35.000 people have access to safe drinking water during the four weeks of Mova 2022. On this occasion, bNovate also organised a workshop for safe drinking water in Goms.

New series of BactoSense applications from users

In September, we started a series of interviews with customers and case studies, showcasing different applications in which BactoSense can be used. If you missed them, find the interview with Bruno Burkhalter from Wasserversorgung Zürich and the story of Saxon on our blog.

The first Service Partner Meeting and awarding of BactoWards

Another milestone for bNovate was our first Service Partner Meeting. This two-day event allowed us to meet our partners from all around Europe and share our service expertise to ensure they have all the tools and information they need to continue maintaining the bNovate instruments in top condition. During that event, the BactoWards were awarded for the Service Case and the Service Partner 2022.

Launch of ToDrinQ – European project for safe drinking water

In November, we got the good news: the project ToDrinQ was approved by the European Commission! This four-year Horizon Europe research program is an essential initiative for safe drinking water in which bNovate participates with 15 partners.

BactoSense enters Asia

At the beginning of December, bNovate presented BactoSense for the first time at Asia Water in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With attendees from the region and exhibitors from the water sector worldwide, this event was bNovate’s first step into the Asian market.

Company reorganization

When René Lenggenhager joined bNovate as co-CEO of Sales & Marketing in 2020, it was to establish a dedicated team to expand global sales and directly support the worldwide sales and distribution network for the BactoSense product portfolio.

Two years later, René can be proud to have built a fully independent Sales & Marketing department of 10 FTEs with a well-structured organization.

In consultation with the Board of Directors, which he will continue to serve, René will retire, and Simon Künzi will assume full responsibility as CEO of the company. As of January 1st, 2023, Céline Jaeger, the new Chief Revenue Officer, will lead the Sales, Marketing and Product Management team at bNovate, based in Zurich.

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BactoSense: key numbers of 2022

​As BactoSense aims to become the new standard in water monitoring, the key figures of 2022 point in the right direction:

  • More than 250 BactoSense are now installed in 16 countries.

  • We have reached the milestone of 100 BactoSense customers.

  • 37% of the BactoSense customers use more than one instrument.


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