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Bottled Water Industry

Monitor. Produce. Control.

Make your investment in bottled water lines more profitable with BactoSense Online and Multi bacterial counting solutions. Imagine being able to only disinfect the pipes when necessary and to save money on chemicals and instrument downtime.

BactoSense is also able to control Clean-In-Place validations, making sure the measures taken are effective and thus ensuring a smooth operation of your plant. Moreover, you can control the microbial composition of the source of your bottled water, react to abnormal bacterial growth and support your risk management on site.

Bottle by bottle – fresh and clean water readily secured with bNovate's compact and reliable water monitoring device BactoSense.

Where to measure your water quality

Raw Water Monitoring

Black water drop icon

Initial quality test of collected water to detect any variations.


Sand inflitration icon
Active Carbon Icon
A drop of water falling onto layers

Monitor coarse filtration and evaluate its efficiency.

Water treatment

Membrane infiltration icon
A drop in the middle of two pipes
Membrane Filtration Icon

Ensure the elimination of potential microbiological contaminants by checking the effectiveness of the filtration before entering the storage tank.


Black water drop icon

Guarantee the water stability entering/leaving the storage tank. 

Post treatment

Ozone Icon
Minerlisation Icon
UV Treatment Icon

Water may undergo disinfection steps or mineralization. Keeping track of these steps warranties a microbial safe production.

Filling line

Black bottle icon
Bottle icon in black

Supervise the highly hygienic bottling, conducted in a microbiologically controlled environment.

Quality Assurance

Verification of the microbiological safety of the product and compliance with standards and specifications.

Line sanitation

Automated cleaning equipment of all lines with data-driven CIP triggering. Samples analyzed before/after sanitation ensure protection. 

A diagram of water systems
A diagram of water systems

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Challenges in the bottled water industry

Raw water in Lake Myvatn, Iceland

Raw water

Assuring and managing the water quality and stability coming from one or several sources

  • Raw water monitoring

  • Influence of environmental conditions

A row of orange in a laboratory


Efficiently optimising and managing every production and cleaning step

  • Optimize production processes
    and costs

  • Assure constant high hygiene level of the production equipment

  • Schedule efficiently CIP procedures 

  • Verify the microbiological quality of the final product

Bottled waters in a storage

Storage & maintenance

Verifying final bottled-water produced and sustaining equipment quality

  • Monitor the stored bottles / Warehouse management

  • Reduce downtime of the production line after a maintenance (conditioning)

The BactoSense is capable of continuously monitoring microbial cells at any stage of the water process and in the distribution network.

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