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Drinking Water Industry

Catchment. Treatment. Distribution.

From source to faucet, drinking water needs purification steps to arrive clean and without bacterial contamination at your home. These water treatment steps encompass pretreatment, water treatment, filtration and disinfection – and all can be supervised online with the environmental- and user-friendly BactoSense Online and BactoSense Multi.


Further applications include the monitoring of microbial populations in reservoirs and water catchments, pipe flushing and general quality control. You can even manage whole distribution networks with multi-point sampling.


The compact design of BactoSense makes it a great transportable and reliable companion as well as a stationary solution in any water plant – ready to be used anytime, anywhere by everyone.

Drinking water panel diagram

Raw Water

Black water drop icon

Spring, surface and ground water are online monitored to evaluate its quality. Source quality can vary through time due to weather conditions.

BactoSense can be used to timely retrieve water from safe sources and avoid suspicious ones.

Drinking water panel diagram


Sand Filtration Icon
Floculation Icon
Oxidation Icon

During this coarse filtration, particles in suspension are separated and dissolved substances are diminished.


BactoSense ensures the elimination of potential microbiological contaminants by tracking the bacteriological reduction during processes.

Drinking water panel diagram

Membrane filtration

Membrane Filtration Icon
Membrane Filtration Icon
RO Filtration Icon

Whether a light or a strong filtration is required, the removal of potential microbiological contaminants is monitored. Its efficiency is controlled and its level of detail can go down to the individual module if necessary.

Drinking water panel diagram

Extended Treatment

Ozone Icon
Slow Sand Filtration Icon
Carbon mineralization icon

Additional steps might be required. Monitoring regularly such processes gives a direct feedback on the filtration integrity and can trigger protocols: e.g. cleaning or regeneration of a biological membrane.


Black water drop icon

Guarantee the stability of the water entering/leaving the storage tank.

Drinking water panel diagram

Chemical Correction

pH Correction Icon
Minerlisation Icon

Sometimes water must be adjusted (minerals, hardness). It is possible to look at the effect on the microbial flora during these processes.


UV Treatment Icon
Chlorination Icon

Monitoring disinfection steps warrants a microbial safe production. BactoSense tracking can trigger disinfection processes or drive an automatic dosing.

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Drinking Water Panel

Quality Control

Ozone Icon
Slow Sand Filtration Icon
Carbon mineralisation icon

Verifying the microbiological safety of the produced water is essential. In 20 minutes, BactoSense assesses the water quality and alerts the supplier of any variations, at any time, to better protect the end user.

Distribution Network

Black water drop

BactoSense provides a continuous monitoring of critical nodes of the distribution network, informing on its dynamics to understand changes almost in real time, and help decision-making.

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Challenges in the drinking water industry

A dark tunnel in Iceland


Assuring and managing water quality and stability, from one or several sources.

  • Raw water monitoring

  • Influence of environmental conditions

Water supply treatment facility in Lutry, Switzerland


Efficiently optimising and managing every drinking water treatment and production step.

  • Optimise filtration processes 

  • Disinfection processes  

  • Verify the global quality of the water produced

Water pipes used for water distribution


Guarantee the provision of healthy and safe water to the
end user.

  • Surveillance of reservoirs 

  • Monitor distribution network 

  • Recovery after pipe maintenance

Application notes

Download our application notes to learn more about water monitoring with BactoSense.

Veitur Iceland application note cover page
Adopting BactoSense for the microbial monitoring of groundwater  during extreme weather events
Title page of an application note about ground water
Surveillance of the Total Cell Count (TCC) in a ground-water catchment 
Title page of an application note about ground water
Surveillance of the Total Cell Count (TCC) in a ground-water catchment with artificial infiltration 

Find more application notes on the applications page!

The BactoSense is capable of continuously monitoring microbial cells at any stage of the water process and in the distribution network.

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