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Water for Pharmaceutical use

AQU@Sense MB. Online Water Bioburden Analyzer.

Water is indispensable for pharmaceutical production processes. Water is omnipresent as raw material or as part of the final manufactured product. Therefore, hygienic quality is crucial for human health. Take control of the microbiological quality of your pharmaceutical water supplies with the AQU@Sense MB, the first alternative method for online bioburden analysis that was successfully validated.

Validation is the key for new technologies to be accepted in pharmaceutical manufacturing. bNovate and BWT achieved the primary validation as the first step in the overall validation process. Proving that AQU@Sense MB is suitable for monitoring pharmaceutical water purification processes and, depending on the application, it can even be used for release testing.

Results are delivered within minutes instead of days, which allows you to react rapidly in case of contamination and to save money with maximizing your instrument uptime and production workflows. This rapid microbiological method (RMM) is a new standard for microbial surveillance and can be validated according to the European Pharmacopoeia (Ph.Eur.) and United States Pharmacopeia (USP).

AQU@Sense system

Challenges in the Pharma Industry

AQU@Sense hanging on a wall

In Process control

Having a global overview and control every step of the production

  • Monitor all process steps from incoming water to the final product for bioburden

  • Identify early signs of contamination with microorganisms to take preventive actions

  • Reduce water sampling and associated testing costs

A person holding a beaker in a lab setting

Product monitoring

Ensure the constant quality of the elaborated product

  • Speed up release with immediate understanding of
    the microbial water quality

  • Reduce the risk of an out of specification product

The drinking water pipeline industry


Automated cleaning equipment of all lines with data-driven CIP triggering

  • Decrease the energy and chemicals consumption

  • Minimize Production downtime

  • Reduce samples analyzed to ensure the safety of the installation

" We have assessed AQU@Sense MB in hot and ambient WFI +PW water systems. General impression is that this Online Water Bioburden Analyzer (OWBA) has the best differentiation between inert particles and living microorganism."

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