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BactoSense cartridges

Safe to handle.

The BactoSense cartridge system contains all reagents and liquids necessary to count bacteria in water.


Avoid manipulation and contact with chemicals and their waste.

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BactoSense cartridges

At the heart of BactoSense lies its innovative cartridge system designed for safety, convenience and sustainability. Integrated with flow cytometry technology, it offers unparalleled ease of use and reliability.

Sustainable and reusable

Get durability with our robust steel cartridges. When empty, simply send your cartridge to bNovate for maintenance and refilling.


Your cartridge will afterwards be returned to you as good as new.

Long autonomy

Experience extended operational autonomy with chemicals lasting up to 1,000 measurements, ensuring uninterrupted monitoring for weeks to months.

Safe and reliable

Avoid contact with chemicals or waste, since all substances for water analysis are hermetically sealed within the cartridge.

No maintenance required

Enjoy hassle-free and up-to-date cartridge maintenance and servicing done by our dedicated staff.

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With its fast results, online functionality and full automation, BactoSense is ideal for on-the-spot water sample analysis in treatment plants and distribution networks. See for yourself.

Technical specifications

BactoSense provides a wealth of comprehensive data insights that go beyond traditional methods of microbiological analysis of water. Our BactoSense cartridge provides three primary parameters:


(Total Cell Count)


(Intact Cell Count)


(Intact Cell Count with additional gating)

Measures all bacteria.

Measures bacteria with an intact cell membrane.

Same as ICC, plus an additional parameter based on a user-configurable gate (GATE+).

All cartridges give you access to secondary parameters.

HNAC: Concentration of bacteria with a high nucleic acid content.

LNAC: Concentration of bacteria with a low nucleic acid content.

HNAP: Percentage of bacteria with a high nucleic acid content.


TCC dotplot


ICC dotplot

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