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BactoSense Cartridge

Safe to handle. Refillable. Sustainable.

One of BactoSense's unique features is its ability to be used by anyone as a mobile lab. This is made possible thanks to its smart cartridge system. Indeed, this monitoring instrument comes with a refillable cartridge that contains all reagents and liquids necessary to count bacteria in water. It is safe to handle and environmentally friendly. 

The BactoSense cartridge system prevents manipulation with toxic substances and avoids any contact with chemicals and their waste. It also let you flexibly choose what parameters you want to measure.

"Our solution features a sustainable cartridge system containing all chemicals and waste hermetically sealed. The cartridges are not disposed-of, but recycled and refilled at bNovate in an environmentally conscious manner.
With our products and methods we are sustainably contributing to secure the worldwide supply of safe drinking water.”


(Simon Künzi, CEO R&D and Operations, bNovate)

The innovative BactoSense cartridge offers many benefits through its unique features

Sustainable & Reusable

Made of steel, the cartridge housing is robust and built for a long life. When empty, you just send it back to bNovate where it will be completely serviced and refilled. You will receive back a cartridge as good as new for flawless measurements.


The chemicals in the cartridge last for up to 1'000 measurements. Depending on your sampling frequency, it gives you an operating autonomy for 3 weeks to 9 months.

Safe and reliable

All substances for the water analysis are hermetically sealed in the cartridge, so there is no contact with toxic chemicals or waste.

BactoSense Cartridge: sustainalbe, refillable and easy to exchange cartridge system for water monitoring with bNovate Bactosense

No maintenance

When you send back your cartridge, it is not only refilled but also checked. Each of the 128 parts that compose the cartridge are inspected and replaced as needed. This ensures that your cartridge is always up to date and does not require any additional maintenance from you.

Adapted to your need

Depending on your application, you may want to count all the cells present in the water or only the living cells.

Stay flexible with the BactoSense cartridge – you can change your mind anytime.

Replacing the BactoSense cartridge – simple and easy

Watch this short video to see how a cartridge replacement is done in no time!

Technical Specifications of the BactoSense Cartridge

One instrument, many possibilities! The cartridge has three fillings available: 

  • TCC, if you want to know the Total Cell Count of your water sample 

  • ICC, if you need the Intact Cell Count

  • ICC+, if you need additional gating.

Depending on the filling used, different sample parameters are given.

  • TCC and HNAP (High Nucleic Acid Percentage) for TCC cartridges

  • ICC, ICP (Intact Cell Percentage) and HNAP for ICC cartridges


TCC dotplot

ICC dotplot

Would you like to learn more about Flow Cytometry technology and the differences between TCC and ICC?

Safe to handle

All chemicals for 1000 water analyses are tightly sealed in the BactoSense Cartridge


Empty cartridges are easy to exchange for servicing and refill at bNovate.


bNovate takes care of the environmentally friendly disposal of all chemical waste.

Find further information on BactoSense and the cartridges.

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