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About bNovate

Welcome to the innovative journey of bNovate Technologies.

bNovate management team

From innovation to excellence: our milestones

Since our humble beginnings, bNovate has evolved into a robust team of scientific experts and managers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of automated analysis instruments.

Here's a glimpse of our remarkable journey:

2024: International expansion and foray into the US

           New CEO Serge Gander
2023: Global Freshwater Challenge winner, World Economic Forum (WEF-Uplink)

           Opening of subsidiaries in the UK and Germany
Launch of BactoSense Multi for the food and beverage industry
2021: BactoSense receives the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label
2020: Opening of the sales and marketing office in Zürich
2019: SME Water Europe Innovation Award winner
2018: AQU@Sense MB is introduced for pharmaceutical-grade water in collaboration with BWT
2017: Market launch of BactoSense for drinking water with first Swiss sales
2012: The BactoSense project begins at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
2011: bNovate Technologies SA is born in Lausanne, co-founded by Prof Dr Peter Ryser, Dr Simon Kuenzi and Dr Fabrice Merenda

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