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Embracing innovation: BactoSense's Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label

Updated: Apr 4

Solar Impulse Efficient Solution and bNovate Technologies shaking hands

Our groundbreaking BactoSense solution received the coveted Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label in January 2021. This is part of the global “1000 Solutions to Change the World” initiative. As we continue to face escalating environmental challenges, the need for sustainable solutions has never been more urgent. That’s where the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label comes in.

Let’s take a look back at why this label matters. 

Understanding the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label 

Pioneered by Bertrand Piccard, the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label catalyses change. Rather than advancing environmental conservation with a money-first approach, it showcases how innovative technologies, like BactoSense, can protect our planet while driving economic growth. Highlighting clean and economically viable solutions challenges the status quo and inspires a new wave of sustainable innovation. 

A panel of three independent experts evaluated our BactoSense to be eligible for the label. This included the assessment and validation of five criteria around feasibility, environment and profitability:

  • Credibility of concept: BactoSense aims to address the critical need for rapid and reliable water monitoring solutions to ensure the safety and quality of drinking water. 

  • Scalability: capable of catering to a wide range of applications and industries, BactoSense offers a simplified operation that can easily integrate into existing infrastructure. 

  • Environmental benefits: by enabling proactive water management strategies, contamination can be prevented, and precious water resources can be preserved.

  • Client’s economic incentive: streamlining water monitoring processes and reducing downtime associated with traditional testing methods offer improved operational efficiency while mitigating risk. 

  • Sellers profitability: our proven performance and reliability allow us to be a premium solution in a market demanding sustainable technologies and regulatory compliance. 

After considering the points above, the panel of experts enthusiastically answered  with a resounding “YES.” This confirmed their opinion that BactoSense operates on the Solar Impulse Foundation’s ethical position and fully meets the eligible criteria, including contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). That means SDG 6, the goal to give everyone clean water and sanitation, and SDGs 9, 11, 12 and 13.

Promoting sustainable solutions with the Solar Impulse Foundation

By identifying, certifying and promoting technologies, the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label is a credible, third-party quality mark to showcase a solution's efficiency and performance all while protecting the environment. By certifying over 1000 solutions across various goals, including water, clean energy and industries, it aims to push governments towards adopting more ambitious energy policies and environmental targets. 

Collaborating with various decision-makers, partners, public entities and individuals, the Solar Impulse Efficiency Solution label creates jobs, generates profit, reduces pollution and preserves natural resources, and paves the way for success drivers and green technologies to come together for a brighter future. 

A world in crisis, still with hope

The Solar Impulse Foundation is needed due to climate change exacerbating extreme weather conditions. One example is the heightened risks of flooding and contamination. Groundwater contamination poses severe health risks to people and can lead to soil degradation, affecting land quality and vegetation growth. Groundwater, which serves as a primary source of drinking water for over half of the global population, is particularly vulnerable. 

Case study: Veitur Water Utilities leads the change

After devastating floods, Veitur Water Utilities in southwest Iceland had a crisis. The severe floods wreaked havoc, contaminating vital water production wells and threatening the safety and security of the local community. To detect and mitigate bacterial contamination in water sources, they tapped BactoSense, a Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label recipient, to solve this issue. 

Enhanced quality control: leveraging BactoSense’s cutting-edge flow cytometry technology, Veitur Water Utilities implemented stringent quality control measures, ensuring the safe distribution of water from vulnerable extraction wells. This safeguarded public health and mitigated the overuse of aquifers, promoting sustainable water management practices.

Refined risk assessment: the real-time data and insights provided by BactoSense allowed Veitur Water Utilities to conduct more accurate and comprehensive risk assessments. This proactive approach empowered them to identify potential threats early on and take preemptive measures to mitigate them, enhancing resilience in the face of future challenges. 

Deeper insight: deploying BactoSense gave Veitur Water Utilities invaluable insights into raw water sources' seasonable variability and dynamics. This deeper understanding informed their decision-making processes and laid the groundwork for more sustainable water management strategies in the long run. 

Climate-change-related accidents and crises will continue to rise. However, with solutions like BactoSense leading the charge, we can bring the power of innovation across various applications for the greater good. And with this, maintaining the hope for a prosperous tomorrow. 

Embracing sustainability for a brighter tomorrow

A greener, more sustainable future is within our reach. We ensure a world where environmental protection and economic prosperity come together by embracing solutions like BactoSense and supporting initiatives like the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label. We have the tools and the technology to overcome even the greatest challenges.

Whether it’s routine standard analysis, anomaly detection, or clean-in-place validation, BactoSense offers versatility for water monitoring needs. Read our application notes to discover more ways that BactoSense ensures maximum flexibility and utility.


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