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Experience the future of water analysis

Book a demo

Get a personalised, tailor-made demo of BactoSense. Our cutting-edge analysers use automated flow cytometry to revolutionise microbiological monitoring. Our solutions provide fast, easy, and precise data for reliable water quality control for industrial or commercial applications.

Why book a demo?

- Experience firsthand the advanced capabilities of our analysers

- Get personalised guidance tailored to your specific requirements

- Discover how your solutions can make your water quality control processes more efficient

- Learn about the benefits of real-time data acquisition for enhanced decision-making

Book your demo today to take the first step towards ensuring the quality and safety of your water supply.

"For us, BactoSense is more than an online monitoring tool. It's also a moving lab. Being compact and robust, you can bring it anywhere. In emergencies, it's simply the best solution on the market." 

- Benjamin Buysschaert, Researcher at Farys 

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Thanks for booking a demo. We will get back to you shortly.

  • 1. Who installs the product and do we get training?
    Depending on where you are, our expert Field Application Scientists accompanied by your trusted sales representative will install the product for you. They'll also provide comprehensive training to ensure you're up to speed.
  • 2. What type of cartridge do I need?
    Your cartridge choice is tailored to your specific application and requirements. We'll work closely with you to explore all options and select the perfect cartridge before sending out the demo unit.
  • 3. Who do I contact for technical support or questions?
    Our stellar customer success team is here for you. Just drop them a line at, and they'll promptly assist you with any technical issues or queries.
  • 4. How long does product installation take?
    The installation timeframe can vary based on pre-requisites. Typically, the instrument is installed and ready to run within a mere two hours. In any case, rest assured, we'll work efficiently to get you up and running smoothly.
  • 5. How long does the product training take?
    Training duration depends on factors like measurements type - manual or online and user familiarity with flow cytometry. Generally, we recommend setting aside a day for training. This ensures we cover everything thoroughly, including any last-minute questions and practical measurement sessions.
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