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A proven and trusted solution for water hazard prevention

BactoSense makes advanced flow cytometry technology easy and accessible.


By precisely quantifying bacteria, our analyser enables real-time monitoring of water online, immediate response to potential contamination events, and ensures water safety.


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With BactoSense, you get:

Fast and accurate analysis in minutes

Utilise state-of-the-art flow cytometry technology to combine speed and precision.


Measure cell concentrations in just 20 minutes to proactively address abnormalities and deviations from baseline microbial profiles.

Minimised risk with continuous surveillance

BactoSense is a vigilant watchdog for water safety, capable of detecting contaminants and microbial changes in real time, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and safeguarding public health.

Unbiased, comprehensive measurement

Stay ahead of contaminations with continuous online monitoring.


Eliminate user bias with BactoSense which provides autonomy from sampling to final result, without manual colony counting or interpretation.

Improved operational efficiency

Streamline water quality monitoring by reducing the time and resources required for analysis.


Detect and address potential contamination events early, minimising downtime and operational disruptions.

Saving you costs and increasing productivity.

Ease of use and peace of mind

Get running fast with BactoSense. Its touchscreen and intuitive GUI make data aquisition and analysis easy.


From remote catchment sites to industrial facilities, even in case of power loss, BactoSense offers full autonomy with it remote capabilities.

Full automation and digitalisation

Streamline the analysis process and minimise the need for manual intervention thanks to the full automation of BactoSense.


Enter into the digital era of microbiology and experience seamless integration into existing systems, such as SCADA.

Proven approaches for approaching water management

Get unparalleled speed and accuracy in microbiology testing with BactoSense.

"BactoSense is a good measuring instrument that we have been using for two years.


BactoSense enabled us to learn a lot about our groundwater aquifers, allowing us to move the new well/pump sites to an even better location (hydro-geologically better).


The groundwater is safely and reliably monitored."

Bruno Burkhalter,

Process Engineer, WVRB


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With its fast results, online functionality and full automation, BactoSense is ideal for on-the-spot water sample analysis in treatment plants and distribution networks. See for yourself.

BactoSense Awards

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BactoSense Cartridges

BactoSense stands out with its mobility and ease of use. It's innovative cartridge system is safe and sustainable. It offers flexibility in selecting the parameters for measuring bacteria in the water, preventing testing errors.

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