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BactoSense Multi
Your automated water analyser for multi-point monitoring

Embrace the future of water safety with BactoSense Multi.


Get comprehensive water quality monitoring and multi-point analysis necessary to ensure regulatory compliance and operational efficiency.

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Trusted by Nestle Waters

BactoSense Multi benefits

In-house knowledge empowers action

Monitor water quality at multiple points in your production or process line, enabling optimisation and informed decision making for quicker, more decisive actions.

On-site water quality monitoring made simple

Avoid transporting samples when you can bring the lab to your production line.


BactoSense Multi is a self-contained lab, operable by anyone without specialised training. Enjoy fully automated, round-the-clock water quality monitoring.

Convenient alternative to traditional methods

Get rid of time-consuming and costly traditional methods.


BactoSense Multi eliminates the need to send samples to an external lab.

Safe and environmentally friendly

Minimise contact with chemicals and waste as our sustainable cartridge system provides all you need for up to 500 measurements.

BactoSense Multi use cases

BactoSense Multi can be used in various water quality applications, including:

Ready to experience BactoSense Multi?

Take the next step in improving your water monitoring processes with BactoSense Multi. Book a demo to see how BactoSense Multi can enhance your workplace and applications.

Swift results in just three steps

Experience streamlined monitoring with BactoSense Multi. 

From sampling to results, it's as simple as:

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Meet your operational needs with our fast and reliable instruments.

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