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BactoSense Multi

Multi-point monitoring. Automated. Easy to use.

Another step towards the automation of microbiological monitoring. With the flow cytometer BactoSense Multi, capturing an accurate microbiological picture of your entire process directly on-site has become a reality.  bNovate developed a new solution for you to optimize your process and at the same time ensure the water quality throughout your production line.

BactoSense Multi opened from the front
Solar impulse Label Efficient Soltuion
Only 3 steps from sampling to results

BactoSense Multi is an automated and intuitive flow cytometer that precisely counts the bacteria present in the water at any point of your process.

From sampling to results it only takes 3 steps:


Collect up to 30 samples taken from anywhere on your production line.

2-water analysis_BSM_sampler.jpg
Water Analysis

Place them in the rack and enjoy fully automated measurements.

BactoSenseMulti-Screen_complete overview_AS_202672428.jpg
Complete overview

Obtain your results
at a glance and base your decisions on trusted facts.

In-house knowledge of your water sources

  • Monitor the water quality at several points of your production or process line and optimize it

  • Understand any variations in your network

  • Be independent from an external lab to make quicker decisions on which action to take


BactoSense Multi is a convenient alternative or complement to time-consuming and expensive traditional methods. It avoids wasting precious time sending your samples to a lab and provides in-house knowledge.

On-site water analysis made easy

Don’t bring your sample to the lab, bring your lab to the production line.

BactoSense Multi is a lab in itself and doesn’t need specialised users. It can intuitively be operated by anyone.

It is your best choice for on-site water analysis: a fully automated water quality monitoring system.

The entire sample preparation, measurement and cleaning are taking place without human intervention, which gives you the possibility to measure your samples day and night.

One device, multiple applications

As it covers multiple points of measurement, BactoSense Multi can be implemented in numerous water quality applications like:


  • Microbial analysis of raw water

  • Disinfection control

  • Water treatment processes

  • Line sanitation optimization

  • Filling lines water quality assurance


It allows you to get a complete microbiological assessment of your production and processes. 

The glass bottles of BactoSense Mutli for testing

Safe and environmentally friendly handling

BactoSense Multi features a sustainable cartridge system that minimizes the contact with chemicals and their waste. 

BactoSense Multi opening in GIF form

 It contains all you need for up to 500 measurements.

Are you curious how the hermetically-sealed cartridge works?


Here you find all the details about the BactoSense cartridge.

Download the BactoSense Multi brochure to find out more about this evolution in microbiological water monitoring. Discover the bNovate solution to overcome your challenges. Experience how multi-point measurement works and which benefits it can bring in your workplace, for your application.

Cover BactoSense Multi brochure
Cover image of the BactoSense Multi datasheet

Discover all the smart features and technical specifications by downloading the BactoSense Multi datasheet.

Would you like to test the new BactoSense Multi and see how it will improve your water management processes?


Contact us and we’ll get in touch with you right away.

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