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AQU@Sense MB

Enhance pharmaceutical water monitoring

AQU@Sense MB is designed for immediate insight through real process control, offering continuous monitoring of the microbiological quality of pure water. Immediately, more insight.


Continuously monitor the microbiological quality of ultrapure water. AQU@Sense underwent a primary validation, making it suitable for applications requiring the highest purity and quality assurance standards.


Trusted by industry leaders

AQU@Sense is trusted by industry giants like Novo Nordisk, ensuring reliable and efficient microbiological analysis in pharmaceutical water systems.

AQU@Sense features

Fully automated solution

Avoid manual processes.


AQU@Sense MB is an online water bioburden analyser designed to deliver rapid and precise microbiological analysis of water in the pharmaceutical industry without human interaction.

Continous monitoring for enhanced process safety

Ensure the microbiological water quality with AQU@Sense MB's continuous online monitoring capability.


This innovative solution not only improves process safety but also optimises overall operation.

Fast and accurate analysis

Measure intact cells in your pharmaceutical water sample in just 20 minutes.


Alternative rapid methods are advocated by Ph. Eur. and USP.

AQU@Sense applications

AQU@Sense can be used for a variety of applications. These include:

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AQU@Sense is a trusted solution that provides immediate insight through real process control, providing continuous monitoring of the microbiological quality of pure water.

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