Rapid microbiological monitoring. Pharmaceutical water.

Fully automated

This online water bioburden analyzer (OWBA) gives a quick and accurate count of intact bacteria without human interaction.

Continuous monitoring

Online monitoring of the microbiological quality of pharmaceutical water improves process safety and optimize operation.

Fast and accurate analysis

AQU@Sense MB allows you to precisely measure in 20 minutes the intact cells present in your pharamaceutical water.

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We have assessed AQU@Sense MB in hot and ambient WFI +PW water systems. General impression is that this OWBA has the best differentiation between inert particles and living microorganism.

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Scientific collaborator

As part of an InnoSuisse project, we work in collaboration with the Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz. 

The consortium is joining forces to progress with the implementation and validation of the AQU@Sense MB, the groundbreaking solution for rapid microbiological monitoring in pharmaceutical water.

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