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Industrial. Field Studies. Laboratory.

Stay at the forefront of innovation with bNovate's compact and easy-to-use BactoSense on- and offline flow cytometers, which will support you to push the boundaries of science even further.

They are specialised for use in field environments with minimal training and deliver consistent results for the advancement of water science. Be it in water treatment and conservation, student education or environmental science, the uses are manifold and allow you to pioneer in your field of global research while having industrial impact.

The instrument allows for rapid quantification of bacterial counts and compares to conventional laboratory flow cytometers without the tedious sample preparation.

At the same time BactoSense allows for daily maintenance-free field studies and continuous supervision of field sites.

People at a laboratory

Challenges in the Research Institution

Someone putting a drop into a research tube

Innovative methods

Remain at the forefront of research and innovation

  • Develop cutting edge solutions for water analysis (RMM / HFM)

  • Master global ecosystems overview, based on powerful quantitative analysis

  • Produce pioneering materials for publications

A field expert handling a BactoSense

Field experiments

Confronting theoretical models to real life situations

  • Create data based on field experiments

  • Validate concepts with fields data with the same reproducibility / confidence as in the lab

  • Discover field-based models/concept

Research scientist collecting water

Industrial impact

Transfer technological progress to the production

  • Drive pilot line to give future company-wide recommen-dations

  • Create innovation values for the company

The BactoSense is capable of continuously monitoring microbial cells at any stage of the water process and in the distribution network.

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