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Our breakthrough technology opens the door for automated online measurements of cells in industrial environments. 


a world first

Automated flow cytometer

for microbial monitoring of drinking water

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As of today, routine surveillance of water still relies on old plating methods that require 3 days and detect only 1% of bacteria.


With our unique technology, we detect 99.9% of the microbial cells in water in only 20 minutes.


Fixed or portable, controlled in person or remotely, the BactoSense can easily be used by anyone.

The BactoSense offers us a lot of applications and benefits in the quality control of water.

Oliver Köster, Biology division manager, Water supply Zürich (WVZ)

We partner with Sigrist Photometer, a well-known specialist in drinking water monitoring, to develop the world's first automated flow cytometer.

BactoSense can be customized

Our technology can be

fully customized for any cell detection application