Water quality control made fast and easy

Results in only 20 minutes with online microbiological monitoring

Precise bacteria count in minutes instead of days

Routine surveillance of water still relies on old plating methods (HPC) that require many days to give a result and detect only 1% of bacteria. On the contrary, modern technologies like BactoSense are fast and accurate. 99% of bacteria are counted in just 20 minutes.

Plug and measure –  easy water monitoring anywhere

Don’t bring your sample to the lab, bring your lab to the sample!
With our fully automated Flow Cytometer, assuring the required level of water quality has never been so easy. Online monitoring not only gives a result 70 times faster than HPC it also significantly decreases the costs per analysis.

Peace of mind – results are available anytime

No need to travel to check your samples, with BactoSense you have a surveillance around the clock. You can verify the microbial evolution and ensure your water has the right quality at all time. A warning will immediately inform you in case of a microbial contamination and you can take action immediately.

Water is the essence of life. Make sure it’s safe to drink!

BactoSense – an automated online flow cytometer for microbial monitoring of drinking water – ensures that outstanding drinking water flows from every tap anytime. A proven and awarded solution developed by bNovate Technologies. Watch the video!

Results that used to take 24 hours to arrive now come in just 20 minutes. Using BactoSense we can detect changes in bacteria counts 24/7, meaning we can become proactive to prevent failure.

Helen Pickett, Technical Innovation Lead, Severn Trent Water (UK)

Proven solutions for the water industry

With bNovate Technologies, be ready for a milestone in rapid microbiology testing solutions

They can be used in various applications in the water industry. 

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Drinking Water

Monitor your treatment and filtration equipment to ensure a safe water supply network. Improve your knowledge and understanding of your water network with online monitoring.


Pharmaceutical Water

Faster and more accurate, OWBA is the new way to monitor living bacteria in pure water. A simple and efficient way to improve process safety and optimizes operation. 


Bottled Water

Quickly detect any contamination in your installation, monitor biofilms and clean your pipes the smart way, only when necessary.


Research & Universities

Many samples to test and no time to send them to an external laboratory? Become independent, our technology can be used by anyone. 

BactoSense – an award-winning innovation!

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