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bNovate Technologies enhances your water quality monitoring


Get dynamic water quality results easily, quickly and precisely for Safe Water. Anytime. Anywhere.

Make every drop safe

Water is our most precious resource. Ensuring its safety is critical.


With bNovate Technologies, you get automated online flow cytometry solutions for microbiological analysis. Experts worldwide trust them for their reliability and efficiency.

Proven solutions for the water industry

bNovate Technologies' rapid microbiology testing solutions make it the perfect partner for various applications in the water industry.

"Results that used to take 24 hours to arrive now come in just 20 minutes.


Using BactoSense, we can detect changes in bacteria counts 24/7.


This allows us to be proactive in preventing failure."

Helen Pickett

Former Technical Innovation Lead, Severn Trent Water (UK)


Proven solutions for the water industry

Over the years, bNovate has consistently delivered cutting-edge technologies and solutions that have set new industry standards.


From advanced flow cytometry systems to innovative online monitoring solutions, bNovate's portfolio reflects a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in digital microbiology.

Get started today

Ready to improve your water quality? Book a demo to ensure every drop of water meets the highest standards.

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