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BactoSense Wins Aqua Pro Innovation Award 2018

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Simon Kuenzi winning the Aqua Pro Innovation Award

We're thrilled to announce our cutting-edge instrument, the BactoSense, has been honoured with the prestigious Aqua Pro Innovation Award 2018 in collaboration with our partner, Sigrist-Photometer.

Aqua Pro Gaz

The Aqua pro-Gaz trade fair, held every two years in Bulle, Switzerland, is a premier event showcasing solutions for the water, gas, and sewage industries. The 2018 edition, which was from February 7-9th, featured 115 exhibitors, each contributing to advancing industry solutions.

Aqua Pro Gaz Innovation Award

The event's highlight was the Aqua Pro Innovation Award, where the jury, faced with selecting the best innovation from 13 outstanding candidates, unanimously chose the BactoSenseas as the standout product of the year.

Winning the Innovation Award

Participating in the Aqua Pro competition is open to all exhibitors who wish to showcase a new product, process, or service. It's an opportunity to gain recognition and promote innovations in the water, gas, and sewage industries. With over 120 exhibitors and an expected 4,000 qualified professional visitors, it's a time to celebrate innovation, excellence and success at Aqua Pro, where BactoSense proudly stands as a beacon of ingenuity in the water industry.

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