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What's New at bNovate Technologies?

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

A lot has been happening at bNovate Technologies SA. We’re excited to introduce several valuable developments for you and your operations. Find information about our latest product updates, including BactoLink, data security, software enhancements, new manuals, and product recommendations.

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BactoLink: a gateway to effortless connectivity*

BactoLink is a significant leap forward for bNovate. It’s an entry point to BactoHub, our user-friendly connection portal. It serves as a compact antenna, enabling you to access your BactoSense data through the Ethernet port. Unlike cloud-based solutions, your data remains securely stored on your BactoSense. BactoLink utilises a Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) connection, allowing you to fully harness the potential of the web interface and interact with your BactoSense as if you were in its physical presence.

This solution is ideal for devices in remote locations, saving you valuable time and speeding up your workflow. For instance, you can initiate the cartridge exchange onsite and then complete the final steps from your office. Additionally, you can download data from your BactoSense and work on it offline. If you have multiple BactoSense units connected, you can quickly monitor their status and upcoming maintenance or cartridge exchange due dates. Are you interested in this solution? Don’t wait to contact your sales representative.

BactoSense Software V2.2: a more secure and efficient experience

BactoSense Software V2.2 is released, bringing a host of enhancements to bolster your BactoSense experience: we’re introducing the HTTPS protocol for data security and simplifying your operations; working with replicates is now easier; results lists and auto-measurement graphs can now be filtered by name for improved data organisation; and dynamic notifications will enable you to stay ahead of cartridge filling levels.

If you want to update your BactoSense with Software V2.2 and unlock its new features, please mention it to your bNovate representative when planning your next maintenance.

A BactoSense

BactoSense Multi: enhanced functionality

BactoSense Multi is evolving with “pause” protocols, copy-paste capabilities, and the convenient “Autofill” feature to streamline your workflow.

Revised manuals

With the release of Software 2.2, we’ve updated our manuals. You will find enhanced recommendations and detailed action descriptions in these new versions. If you have any questions or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us at with the subject line “Revised Manuals”.

Introduction of ICC+ cartridges

This new cartridge is a valuable addition to our product portfolio. It empowers you to establish an additional gate, opening up various possibilities, including creating a specific gate within an area of interest or defining a dedicated gate for observing background or a particular bacterial group. The options are now multiplied. You can find more information on our cartridges portfolio here.

UPS recommendation for BactoSense users

For those encountering frequent power outages during BactoSense measurements, we recommend a solution: the Eaton 5P 850I (850VA/600W) is an uninterruptible, line-interactive power supply, ensuring your BactoSense can run and measure hourly for over 120 minutes during power interruptions. According to the Council of European Energy Regulators, most power outages in Europe last up to 100 minutes. The Eaton 5P 850I is the ideal solution in such situations. It’s particularly well-suited for BactoSense units deployed in remote locations that aren’t integrated into your daily operations.

Don’t hesitate to contact your bNovate representative to discover what the BactoLink can do for you!

*BactoLink is currently only available in Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, Luxemburg, and the southern UK. Stay tuned and sign up for the newsletter to hear when BactoLink will also be available in your country.


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