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BactoSense Multi enters the BactoSense family

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Multiple point water analysis has never been easier: discover BactoSense Multi, a step towards the automation of microbiological monitoring!

multiple point water quality monitoring

Do you need to check the water quality at various locations along your manufacturing or process line?

Have you ever envisioned having a complete and reliable overview of your water process, from raw water monitoring through the last quality assurance step?

Would you rather have access to valuable in-house knowledge and make decisions based on fast microbiological analysis without waiting for external lab results?

Multiple-point water analysis made easy

Meet the newest member of the BactoSense family! BactoSense Multi provides a complete mapping of your production line, while BactoSense Online expands the view of smart monitoring. It was created by bNovate in Switzerland to complement our online solution and bring simplicity and automation to manual measurements. This development to the needs of our customers was warmly welcomed.

Don’t bring your sample to the lab. Bring your lab to the production line

Knowledge is power. With BactoSense Multi, remove all doubts about your produced water's quality. Make sure you have complete visibility and understanding of your processes. You can easily analyse up to 30 water samples without technical expertise – even overnight.

Discover everything you need about the new BactoSense Multi on its product-webpage. There, you can download the brochure and datasheet to learn all the details and more!

Do you want to test BactoSense Multi and talk to our water quality experts about how it can improve your production line? Contact us anytime.


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