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BactoSense nominated for the Green Business Award

Every year, the Green Business Award recognises innovative Swiss businesses that combine economic success with environmental benefits.

Thanks to the designation of the Technology Fund, bNovate Technologies has been chosen by Green Business Switzerland to compete for this prestigious award. With this nomination, our multiple award-winning mobile lab for bacterial detection in water – BactoSense – gains further recognition as a solution combining economic success with ecological impact.

After having been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label in 2021, BactoSense, developed in Switzerland by bNovate Technologies, continues its journey of being acknowledged by prominent juries and high-profile companies.

A success indicator for sustainability and profitability

Since 2019, the Green Business Award has recognised the most innovative Swiss businesses that combine economic growth with a positive impact on the environment. Green Business Switzerland emphasises the beneficial connection between economic performance and sustainability.

“It is great to see that sustainability is recognised as a business field of the future and that Swiss entrepreneurs have the courage to go ahead and think long-term”, states Cédric Habermacher, Director of Green Business Switzerland.

“As the innovation world champion, Switzerland offers ideal conditions for developing solutions here at home that can be scaled globally. That's why the Green Business Award is so important”, says Jury President Doris Leuthard.

Because of a comprehensive selection procedure, the Green Business Award is an important success indicator for sustainability and economic profitability, and hence a highly sought-after award.

But for which reason has BactoSense been nominated to run for this award? What makes a bacteria counting instrument a sustainable and at the same time profitable solution?

Find below a summary of its unique features:

  • While analyzing water samples usually requires a large amount of consumables, our solution reduces waste to a minimum, thanks to its smart reusable cartridge system. Containing all the substances needed for the reliable detection of bacteria in water for up to 1'000 measurements, the cartridge is sent back to us when empty – to be serviced and refilled. bNovate also organizes the waste recycling process through a specialized and sustainable waste company.

  • Don’t bring your water sample to the lab, bring your lab to the water sample! BactoSense is compact and offers an all-in-one solution that can be used in industrial environments. Eliminating the transport of samples reduces substantial CO2 emissions.

  • Onsite water monitoring using online flow cytometry technology decreases the consumption of disposable plastic tests, avoids the need to transport samples, requires less energy for water treatment, and allows process optimizations such as lowering chlorine use. All this leads to a significant reduction of the carbon footprint.

With BactoSense mobile lab, you can simply measure the quality of water anytime, anywhere! Do you want more information? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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