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BactoSense joins ToDrinQ - European project for safe drinking water

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

ToDrinQ is an international initiative funded by the European Commission under the Horizon Europe research program, in which bNovate will participate beginning December 1, 2022, and lasting four years.

A map of Europe where you can find BactoSense

ToDrinQ stands for Toolkit for aDaptable, Resilient INstallations securing high-quality drinking water. The primary purpose of this project is to secure the quality of drinking water through a comprehensive approach:

  1. protect water sources from pollution

  2. provide innovative monitoring and treatment solutions

  3. ensure safe distribution

Improving the resilience of drinking water systems in a changing world

Drinking water systems should be adapted as the global water supply faces climate change, emerging pathogenic microorganisms, accelerated urbanization, and an ageing infrastructure. The primary concern is planning adaptable risk-based operational processes for short- and long-term challenges.

The European Parliament formally adopted the revised Drinking Water Directive, promoting a risk assessment and management approach from source to tap. This approach should have a risk-based design and operational control to guarantee the highest drinking water standards in the world while also adhering to the zero-pollution goal announced in the European Green Deal.

One of the challenges is the operators’ lack of access to real-time information on compounds and organisms of emerging concern – bacteria in water, for example.

To address these topics and test new technologies for more resilient drinking water infrastructures, ToDrinQ brings together a consortium of 16 partners – small-to-medium-sized enterprises, multinational companies, and research institutes – from 8 countries.

The consortium is led by the Delft University of Technology and is composed of:

In Switzerland:

BactoSense, the solution for fast microbiological water quality monitoring

During the next four years, BactoSense, made in Switzerland by bNovate Technologies, will be tested in different locations with water utilities and top research-oriented universities from the consortium.

The fast microbiological analysis performed by BactoSense will provide on-site, insightful information on different applications and use cases, including drinking water in major European cities and that provided to residents of small municipalities.

With bNovate’s participation in ToDrinQ, we will continue to focus on further developing BactoSense. At the same time, we aim to exemplify how BactoSense can contribute to building resilient drinking water systems – both by being a robust instrument that is reliable in front of water contamination for everyday operations and adaptable in response to various scenarios.

ToDrinQ is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate further the increasing importance of BactoSense in the drinking water industry. The findings and progress of ToDrinQ will be publicly available so that anyone interested can track the field-testing activities and results throughout Europe.


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