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bNovate receives Technology Fund financial support

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

To contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions

bNovate receives technolgy fund financial support for contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions with innovative solutions for SAFE WATER. ANYTIME. ANYWHERE, such as the BactoSense.

Inventing innovative technologies helping to protect the climate is part of our vision. To support our goal, we entered the Swiss federal government program that offers loan guarantees to fast-growing companies developing and marketing new products which positively impact the environment and reduce the global CO2 burden.

We are delighted that bNovate was approved by the Technology Fund (FOEN) to profit from the growth-related loan guarantee program of CHF 3 million.

“This is a very encouraging confirmation that with our products and methods, we are sustainably contributing to securing the worldwide supply of safe drinking water in terms of bacteria. It allows us to further invest in developing new products and services such as the BactoSense™, says Simon Kuenzi, CEO R&D and Operations. René Lenggenhager, CEO of Sales & Marketing, adds, “We will use these funds to increase our global market presence. Raising awareness of the importance of safe drinking water opens tremendous opportunities. BactoSense™ provides exactly the solution needed for fast bacteria measurement in water.”

Simon Künzi, CEO R&D and Operations with the BactoSense online water monitoring instrument, in a bNovate laboratory
Simon Künzi, CEO R&D and Operations

Our innovative solutions directly contribute to reducing CO2 emissions, e.g., by replacing traditional processes in the areas of bacteria monitoring in drinking and pharmaceutical-grade purified water. On-site water monitoring reduces the consumption of disposable plastic tests, avoids transporting samples, requires less energy for water treatment, and allows process optimizations such as reducing chlorine use. Safer water will also encourage more people to drink tap water as public trust increases due to avoiding microbiological contaminations. This latter point is a high priority for many countries worldwide.

bNovate's contribution to the annual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is forecasted to be 108'498 metric tons, of which 19'298 tons from direct contribution.

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