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Fundraising to expand commercial activities internationally

Following our vision to increase the safety of drinking water, we are very happy to announce the closing of a financing round of 5 million Swiss francs to grow our activities. Now that our products are well established in Europe, we have the potential to expand to North America, Asia and the Pacific.

Today the issue of water is a priority for our society, just like energy and global warming. The ambitions of Simon Kuenzi, founder and CEO R&D and Operations, are clear:

"Water is a resource that is becoming increasingly critical and the water industry requires new tools for a sustainable management. Our product BactoSense™, a 24/7 microbiological water quality monitoring device, is currently setting a new standard in Europe. With this investment, we are now able to expand our commercial activities worldwide."

With our fully automated solution, our team has succeeded in digitizing and simplifying routine bacteria measurement in water, reducing analysis time to only 20 minutes. "Today, the majority of water quality parameters are already measured in real time, only the counting of bacteria was still done manually in a laboratory. With BactoSense™ and its laser detection system, we can now analyze the microbiological quality of the water before distribution anywhere, anytime. This allows for more safety and optimization of production processes," says René Lenggenhager, CEO Marketing and Sales.

Read the entire press release here:


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