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7 New Companies have joined the SCALE-UP VAUD Program

…and bNovate Technologies is one of them!

The Scale-Up Vaud program, created in 2016 by INNOVAUD, reinforces innovative-driven companies based in the Canton of Vaud in their phase of high growth – in Switzerland as well as internationally. It serves as a catalyst of the canton’s economic and innovative strength and the canton of Vaud was the first one in Switzerland to grant financial aid to technology companies. Today, 34 Vaud-based firms are part of the label and 117 new jobs were created in Switzerland by the Vaud Scale-Ups in 2020. We are pleased to announce that bNovate Technologies met all criteria to join Scale-Up Vaud:

· Operate in a high-tech or innovative field

· Have job growth of at least 20% per year for two years in a row

· Have 10 employees or more on permanent contracts

· Have been registered in the Vaud business register for at least three years

For all leaders of the participating companies, the support received by the Scale-Up Vaud program has been particularly important over the past 12 months. Since March 2020, Scale- Up Vaud has intensified the opportunities for exchanges and learning between its bene-ficiaries. Creating connections, mutual aid opportunities and peer encounters is especially important in times of crisis.

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