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Severn Trent's Award-Winning Project: Bacteria Detection

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

 Severn Trent Team received their award at the WIA presentations on 20th May 2019
Severn Trent Team received their award at the WIA presentations on 20th May 2019

Severn Trent achieved a groundbreaking milestone with their innovative project of rapidly detecting bacteria using the cutting-edge BactoSense, the first industrial flow cytometer. The project, aimed at delivering faster results than traditional methods, exceeded expectations by winning the prestigious Drinking Water Innovation Project of the Year at the Water Industry Awards in Birmingham.

The Heart of Severn Trent's Success

At the heart of Severn Trent's success is the commitment to revolutionize water treatment through our collaborative efforts. Our solution, the SIGRIST BactoSense, was pivotal in providing results within a mere 20 minutes, significantly improving from the 24-hour timeframe associated with conventional methods. This achievement positions Severn Trent as a leader in water treatment innovation in the UK and highlights the impact of our rapid detection technology. Helen Pickett, Technical Innovation Lead, sheds light on the transformative nature of the project: "The conventional approach to detecting bacteria in water supplies is sluggish, taking up to 24 hours to generate results. This reactive approach prompted us to seek a proactive solution, leading us to explore technologies from other industries. After evaluating various options, we discovered the SIGRIST BactoSense, uniquely designed for the water sector."

Using Advanced Technology for Water Applications

Severn Trent's project represents a pioneering use of this advanced technology in the UK water industry. The BactoSense's complex capabilities, tailored specifically for water applications, have yielded remarkable results. The 20-minute turnaround time has empowered Severn Trent to monitor bacteria counts continuously, enabling a proactive stance in preventing failures and ensuring optimal water supply for customers. Helen Pickett emphasizes the significance of the innovation, stating, "Results that once took 24 hours are now available in just 20 minutes. With rapid online flow cytometry, we can detect changes in bacteria counts around the clock, allowing us to safeguard water supplies for our customers proactively."

Severn Trent's Commitment to Innovation

As we celebrate this success, Severn Trent is committed to furthering innovation. We will collaborate with developers SIGRIST-Photometer and bNovate to implement 20 units across the business. Simultaneously, we will provide comprehensive training to staff, ensuring regular testing of water supplies to uphold the highest quality standards.

Severn Trent's award-winning project marks a paradigm shift in water treatment practices, and our ongoing commitment to innovation reflects our dedication to proactive, efficient, and quality water supply management. Read the full press release here.

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