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Industries & Applications

Drinking water. Bottled Water. Pure Water.

Water supply installation with BactoSense

The numbers represent all the different locations where the BactoSense can be used.

Application notes

Surveillance of a groundwater catchment near river Wiese in Basel

Groundwater pump in Zürich Hardhof

The BactoSense is capable of continuously monitoring microbial cells at any stage of the water process and in the distribution network.

Use cases

Water treatment and filtration

Water treatment and filtration

Monitor your treatment and filtration equipments to ensure a safe water supply network.

Improve your knowledge and understanding of your water network with online monitoring.

Water bottle filling

Quickly detect any contamination in your installation, monitor biofilms and clean your pipes the smart way, only when necessary!


Keeping the bacteria counts and the biofilm in your network under tight surveillance is the absolute guarantee for a constant water quality, bottle after bottle.

Water bottle filling

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