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What we do

Online Monitoring. Automation. Microbiology.

Embedded software and graphical interface

Our software engineers made it simple for users to interact with the instrument. A touchscreen display allows you to control measurements and view results right on the device, and a web interface can show the results anywhere.

Graphical interface of a BactoSense
Cartridge TCC from a BactoSense

Biology and biochemistry – sustainable cartridge

We developed a cartridge concept which contains all chemicals and liquids needed for an automatic flow cytometer.
Protocols are optimized to keep the instrument clean and the measurement reliable in the long run.


Optical experts developed a revolutionary compact optic module which combines high precision detection and cost reduction. Using the flow cytometry method, it can detect any living or dead cell.

Optic module of BactoSense

bNovate has grown into a strong team of scientific experts and engineers who can address the challenge of automation and live cell analysis.

Analog and digital electronics

Electronics are the heart of the instrument. Unique and complex electronics manage the optical detection of cells and digital conversion. They power and control all the modules of the instrument.

Electronical boards of BactoSense
Microfluidic module AMF of BactoSense


We partnered with Advanced Microfluidics to develop a fully customized microfluidic module. It includes a no-dead-volume rotary valve, a high-precision syringe pump, a heating/cooling block and an inline mixer.


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