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Dr. Simon Künzi

founder, board member

After working in the innovation department at TECAN in Zürich for several years, the entrepreneurial spirit of Simon led him to found and become CEO of bNovate Technologies in 2011.

With a one year stay at Carnegie Mellon University in USA and 6 months at UNSW in Sydney, Simon holds a Master’s degree in theoretical physics from the EPFL and a PhD in life science in the field of implantable glucose sensors for diabetics. For the past 15 years, his work, and his passion, have been focused on life science innovations. Especially on the automated and rapid detection of bacteria in water. His ambition is to bring a game-changing, fully automated bacteria monitoring family of products to the market . The objective is to reduce the current detection time, from days to a few minutes to improve the safety of drinking water.

Dr. Simon Künzi
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