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Watch our webinar from April 22, 2021

Register to watch the replay of our webinar about the benefits of online flow cytometry in drinking water plants!

Nowadays it is common to monitor most water parameters online. However, to analyse microbiological quality, water samples are still sent to the laboratory.

With BactoSense – the first industrial flow cytometer – online monitoring of bacteria in water has become a reality!

During this webinar, discover the benefits of online flow cytometry in drinking water plants through the voice of convinced users.

The program

Listen to the following presentations:

  • Easy water monitoring with BactoSense by Céline Jaeger – bNovate – Switzerland

  • Following bacteria in different drinking water scenarios by Sandy Chan – Sydvatten – Sweden

  • Severn Trent‘s experiences and learnings using BactoSense by Helen Pickett – Severn Trent – UK

When: Thursday, 22nd of April, 2 - 3 pm (CEST / UTC+2)


About our presenters:

Sandy Chan

Sandy is process engineer at the drinking water company Sydvatten AB in Sweden. She has a PhD degree in applied microbiology and studied how the microbial communities are involved in the purification of drinking water using different molecular methods, such as sequencing and flow cytometry. Sandy specializes in microbial contamination in the drinking water system. One of her goals is to be able to measure and detect microbial contaminants faster and more accurately. She works in close relation with universities and researchers.

Helen Pickett

Helen is member of the Innovation Technical Team Lead at Severn Trent in the UK and has an MSc in water- and wastewater technology. She has been working in the water industry for 30 years with experience and expertise in aquatic biology, project management, water- & wastewater processes and management, methods for detecting bacteria on site (alternatives to laboratory cultivation) including BactoSense. Helen is focussed on improving water quality for both the customer and the company.

Céline Jaeger

Céline holds a Master degree in Micro-Engineering and is CMO and Account Manager at bNovate Technologies. After spending many years introducing innovation in the laboratory weighing solution industry, she now has the goal to revolutionise the water industry by presenting fully automated solutions that are profitable and environmental friendly. She is always ready to share her passion for innovative instruments with her colleagues, her partners and her customers.

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