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New ways of microbial water control at Carrefour de l’Eau

BactoSense – highly functional and portable like a Swiss Army knife

The highly functional and portable Swiss Army knife of bacteria control in water, BactoSense, will be at Carrefour de l’Eau in Rennes, France. Visit booth 4-318 from 25-26 January 2023, and talk to bNovate's experts to find solutions to your water quality control concerns.

The key features of our powerful instrument are its portability and the ease of integration into existing processes. With BactoSense, there is no need for a laboratory or complicated setup. Simply place the device where you need it and get real-time data on the microbial content of your water. Once connected, BactoSense is operational immediately.

Accurate microbiological quality control

bNovate, the Swiss pioneer in cell analysis, has brought microbiological quality control of water to a high level of precision.

All too often, when bacteria or biofilms occur in water production or any industrial process that uses water, the first course of action is to turn to regulation analysis. While this certainly provides valuable information, it is not necessarily the most effective method to understand and solve the problem at hand.

BactoSense offers a different approach. Our technology not only assists you in identifying such issues but also in detecting errors along the processes and potentially preventing contaminations from arising in the first place.

This is especially important in industries where water quality is critical, such as food and beverage production, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and many other potential applications.

Consider a scenario where an industrial facility is experiencing unexpected downtime due to equipment failure. Upon investigation, it is discovered that the root cause was a buildup of biofilm in the water pipes, leading to corrosion and ultimately the breakdown of the equipment.

If this plant had been using BactoSense, they would have been alerted of the increase in microbial activity in the water and would have been able to take preventive measures before the biofilm caused damage.

This not only saves time and money in the long run but also helps to maintain the quality and integrity of the end product.

Learn more about risk management in the story of a Swiss municipality that started to use BactoSense after their drinking water got contaminated!

Only 20 minutes for Safe Water. Anytime. Anywhere.

BactoSense is an automated flow cytometer that can quickly and accurately analyse water samples on-site in only 20 minutes, compared to traditional laboratory plating methods which can take several days to deliver results. The BactoSense-technology can be used in various settings, including optimising industrial filtration processes, quickly detecting and responding to contamination in food and agriculture, and anticipating microbial variations in water storage and transport.

We invite you to visit bNovate’s booth at Carrefour de l'Eau to learn more about how BactoSense can benefit your business. Our team will be available at booth 4-318 to answer any questions and demonstrate the capabilities of our technology.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to see firsthand how BactoSense can help you ensure the quality of your water and optimise your industrial processes.

Want to have a trial of BactoSense or talk to an expert? Contact us!

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