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Watch our webinar from October 26, 2021

Register to watch the replay of the webinar about "Online bacteria monitoring applications to improve water quality"

The benefits of online monitoring of bacteria are diverse. Learn how two companies have improved their water quality using BactoSense automated flow cytometers. One by evaluating the efficiency of filtration and disinfection steps, the other by reducing contamination risk through fast results of the microbial water quality.

During the webinar you will also have the opportunity to find out the latest development around the BactoSense solution.

The program

Listen to the following presentations:

  • BactoSense product news Alexandre Guiller, bNovate, Switzerland

  • Efficiency of filtration and disinfection using online flow cytometry Alexandra Hauret, Service de l'eau ville de Lausanne, Switzerland

  • Microbial quality control of groundwater extraction wells with BactoSense Sverrir Guðmundsson, Veitur, Iceland

When: Now online available - register to get the replay link!


About our presenters:

Alexandra Hauret

Alexandra is a process engineer for the Water Department of Lausanne. She works on the operation of water treatment pilots, particularly in the elimination of micropollutants (oxidation by ozone, adsorption on activated carbon, membrane filtration: ultrafiltration, nanofiltration/reverse osmosis). She participates in the renewal and optimization of drinking water production chains and in the monitoring of water quality. She has used BactoSense to measure the effectiveness of disinfection (mechanical by ultrafiltration membranes or chemical by using bleach) on various treatment chains.

Sverrir Guðmundsson

Sverrir Guðmundsson is Senior Engineer and Water Supply Research and Development Lead at Veitur Utilities, Iceland. Sverrir is an Electrical engineer from the University of Iceland, Reykjavik, and holds an M.S. degree in mathematical modeling and computer vision from the Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby. He is a former head of Engineering Technology and Research Associate in Glaciology at the University of Iceland. Sverrir joined the Veitur Water Utility in January 2018.

Alexandre Guiller

Combining his product and market knowledge, Alexandre bridges the technological advancements of our develop-ment teams with the needs of our customers, focusing on their applications and satisfaction. He works closely with our marketing and engineering teams to promote and continuously improve our product portfolio and the company's business development.

Alexandre holds an Engineer’s degree in Material Science and a Ph.D in Physics and Chemistry.

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