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BactoSense Product News

What's new for BactoSense...?

With the holiday season upon us, bNovate is delighted to bring you new features for your BactoSense unit. We developed new tools (hardware and software) to make your experience simpler, smoother, and faster. Here is a non-exhaustive list of our last developments:

ICC Cartridge has been introduced to focus on the exact quantification of intact cells. Processes and their efficiency, such as for example disinfection, can easily be monitored. The result of intact cells count is very precise and doesn't include damaged cells or background.

Software v2.0 is a big evolution from the previous version. It enables the use of ICC cartridge, as well as significant improvements on the user experience side: Multiple batch gating, improved user management, faster data export, new Settings import/export, enhanced Auto mode scheduler, revamped logs, and more... The new Software also betters the communication capabilities of BactoSense by: Securing service management, allowing FTP data transfer, authorizing time server synchronization, and bringing Modbus TCP communication capabilities to the instrument.

Modbus TCP / IP - our new invisible product - is a communication protocol used to integrate the BactoSense in a centralized system (SCADA / PLC). It is transporting data using ethernet and allows several instruments to coexist easily, making it much easier to integrate the BactoSense and to scale up your infrastructure.

The Washstation accessory has been designed to improve the cleaning of the instrument during manual measurements. To avoid any contamination or mishandling during manual measurements, a tailored tool has been developed to perfectly fit the shape of our manual sampler to guarantee its optimal cleaning (inside and outside).

We are very excited to see you use and experience the new tools we developed. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or your bNovate representative.

Your bNovate Team.

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