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New Product for a new Partner

Companies using pure water can't wait the 5 days required by traditional plating methods (HPC) to validate the microbiological quality of pure water. They need a faster time to result. HPC is too slow, inaccurate, and expensive. While analysing different Rapid Microbiological Methods, it was clear to BWT Aqua AG, a company producing pharmaceutical-grade water, that Flow Cytometry was the most reliable way to precisely measure the Total Cell Count in their water. Matching our expertise to their needs, bNovate Technologies is proud to have developed for BWT Aqua AG a new Analytical Device for continuous Monitoring of Bacteria in pharmaceutical-grade water: the AQU@Sense MB.

This product will be presented as a world first from June 11th to 15th at the ACHEMA fair in Frankfurt.

BWT website:

ACHEMA fair from June 11th to 15th:

Hall 3.0, Booth A4

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